Water Filtration

Water Pelican

In 2013 Morgart’s Appliance Repair entered into a partnership with Pelican Water Treatment Systems, and is now an authorized dealer and installer for Northwest Ohio.  We have completed the training for installation and are well versed in the opportunities homeowners and businesses have to improve the state of their water.

Simply said, we have not found a better product for filtering water.

Through Pelican, we offer:

  • Whole house filters
  • Salt-free water softeners
  • Iron and manganese filters
  • pH neutralizers
  • Trojan UV systems
  • Shower filter
  • Drinking systems
  • Water testing
  • Replacement and specialty filters

Feel free to visit Pelican’s website for more in-depth information.  You pay the same price from the manufacturer as you do through Morgart’s Appliance repair. We do not mark up the sale of the products. We simply install them, and we believe in the products.

We appreciate that Pelican Water makes it easy to choose green, maintenance-free products without the use of salt or harsh chemicals. See for yourself why Pelican is a trusted name in water.